Holland Road Elementary

Shave for the Brave

Shave for the Brave - This notice is to inform you that Holland Road Elementary School will be hosting a Shave for the Brave on April 26, 2019 at 12:30 in the gym. Thank you, Pat Healey and at least three student volunteers who will be shaving their heads. Thank you to our very brave Ryan Donovan, Harrison Chaban and Jayden Tillman! One of our parents, Gaynor Hart, will be donating her hair for wigs. The fundraiser supports Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) which in turn provides support programs for young adults dealing with cancer. The event is high energy and something you won't soon forget!

Here is the link for our Shave for the Brave page so you can read a bit more about the event and YACC's goals and to donate under the location tab (Holland Road Elementary): https://youngadultcancer.akaraisin.com/12189A450A974927B8D8F52BB1189F6A/...