Holland Road Elementary

What's Happening at HRES - May 9

What’s Happening at HRES – May 9, 2022


Grade 5 students will be going to Georges P Vanier this Friday for a tour of the school.  They will have the opportunity to meet some staff, ask questions and have a small snack in the cafeteria. 

Pre-primary students will be visiting the primary classrooms on Wednesday, May 18 from 10:00-11:00.  They will spend time in each room, listen to a story and do some activities.   Our current primary students will go to the pre-primary classrooms with the pre-primary teachers and a staff member.


What better way to celebrate the end of a school year than with a cool treat. Holland Road School and the PTA will be offering Frosty Fridays starting on May 27 and ending on June 24. Your child will receive a tasty treat on each Friday at school for 5 weeks.

Please note: The frozen treats will vary each week, no options or substitutes will be provided (except in the case of allergies). No refunds will be given or treats set aside if your child misses school on any Friday. You will be able to purchase Frostie Fridays starting May 16th  online using your School Cash account.  Log into SchoolCash (or create an account) to make your payment.  The cost is $5.50 for the five weeks.



Class configurations for next year will begin within the next several weeks.  It is a team approach with current grade level teachers, administrators and resource and/or learning center teachers meeting to discuss each child individually and making recommendations for placing students at the next grade level. When discussing student placement we consider many factors such as: academic abilities, personalities, co-operative groupings, gender, friendships, age of the student and class size. Our decisions are based on what we know about your child(ren) and how we can best place them in an environment where they will be successful, while balancing the needs in a classroom.

We do not take teacher requests,  however, if you have a concern/friendship issue that we need to know about when making lists please email kwest@hrce.ca  before May 13th.


Our grade three students will be participating in a Literacy and Math provincial assessment.  This will provide information about student performance in relation to curriculum outcomes.  During these assessments, it’s important for students to arrive on time otherwise they will have to wait until a make-up day to write the assessment.  The assessments will take place from Monday, May 16-Thursday, May 19.


Students in grades 4 and 5 are participating in a Student Success Survey in their classroom.  These results will provide our school with important information regarding students’ experiences to help inform decisions with our Student Success Plan.