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What's Happening at HRES - June 13

What’s Happening at HRES - June 13, 2022

Late arrivals using School Messenger Safe Arrival system:   There is some confusion about late arrivals.  If your child will be late, you still select full day absence with the reason - absent with notification.  This lets us know your child is accounted for and they aren’t in school. (So your child is away and we are notified that they aren’t in school). 
When they arrive, we will adjust the absence to late arrival.   If you had the option to record “late”, we would assume they were in school.  Hopefully this provides some clarity.

Black Excellence Day – June 17:  This is the first year NS public schools will be celebrating Black Excellence Day and students and staff are invited to wear black t-shirts to celebrate and stand in unity in support of the success of Black students.  Black Excellence Day is an opportunity for students to see themselves represented, acknowledged, and celebrated and to grow understandings that create an inclusive education for all students.  It is also a day for every student to both acknowledge and celebrate Black Excellence.
Black Excellence Day celebrates Black Achievements, Black stories, Black Art, Black innovations, and Black people and their communities. This is also an opportunity to commemorate the ongoing struggle by Black Canadians for Civil and Human rights and to remember that small actions can make BIG differences. 

Opportunities with Halifax Regional Arts for 2022-23:  Choral and band opportunities are available with Halifax Regional Arts Music East.  All programs are taught by our talented HRCE music staff.  And it is all free!

Choral- Choirs are offered for students from grade 3 to grade 12 at a variety of locations.    For details on the times, locations and grade levels check out our list of on the choral section of our website here.  Most of our choirs are auditioned choirs, with many auditions happening during the month of June.  For audition details and booking please click here.

Band- Students who are enrolled in their school band program and who are looking for more opportunities to play, are encouraged to join the Halifax Regional Arts Junior Band.  This band is for grade 7 students and is a non-auditioned band that rehearses out of the Dartmouth Music Centre.  Learn more about all of our band programs here.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!  Click here to visit our website and register now.

Take a look and have a listen to what is happening in our Halifax Regional Arts Music programs.
Halifax Regional Arts Music East Band Promo
Behind the scenes with our Jazz Choir
More details will be provided to you in the fall via the email address you provided in your registration.