Holland Road Elementary

Form/Purple Tag

Dear Families,

We had a great first day of school and students settled very quickly into their new classroom.  Teachers were working on establishing routines and expectations, as well as building a community within their classroom.  There were many acts of kindness today, which is wonderful to see and hear about.

We wanted to make you aware of a couple of things that were sent home today.  If you didn’t see anything – it’ll be coming home tomorrow.

For our pre-primary to grade 2 families, students will have a purple tag, which should be attached either on the left-hand side of their backpack or another area that is easily seen.  The HRCE Transportation Team sent an email about the Purple Tag Program, but in case you missed it the purpose is to help our students arrive to and from school safely.  It helps school staff and bus drivers identify the children who are in pre-primary to grade 2.  It’s very important for our drivers to be aware and quickly identify these students so that they aren’t left alone at a bus stop. 

All families should check for an early dismissal form and return as soon as possible.  Even though this is most often used for inclement weather, there could be other reasons that a school closes early (i.e. extended power outage).  If our school closes early, we will be contacting all families so that you are aware. 

Please note that if your child goes to an after-school program, such as Creative Minds or Inner Strength Taekwondo, parents will have to pick up their child/children. At this time, the transportation department only allows for one drop-off to be listed on the bus manifest.  For early closure, Excel will be cancelled but those students can take the bus home.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kellie West & Diana Trider
HRES Admin. Team