Holland Road Elementary

Primary Orientation September 2021

Dear Families,

Although our preference is to welcome students and families in person, during these times we are sharing information in a safer way until we are able to be together again.

Please see the following attachments to help your child and family prepare for Grade Primary. It is an exciting time and we want to give you all we can to help your child have a successful start to the school year.


Here is a link to the HRCE Calendar: https://www.hrce.ca/calendars

Here is a link to Excel: https://www.hrce.ca/about-our-schools/parents/excel-program

Here is our Welcome to Primary Video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F5u-HrUeWLq1VJzGgXGDc6W2y5lXJNAF/view?usp=sharing



Your Holland Road Primary Team