Holland Road Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Larade, Carol-Anne Principal 902-860-4171 clarade@hrsb.ca
Cannon, Andrea Acting Vice Principal 902- 860-4172 akazmel-cannon@hrsb.ca
Day, Sophie Secretary 902-860-4170 sday@hrsb.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Apa, Jamie Primary 902-860-4170 Jamie.Apa@hrsb.ca
Barrett, JoAnna Grade One Teacher 902-860-4170 jbarrett@hrsb.ca
Boyce, Kerstin Music Teacher 902-860-4170 kboyce@hrsb.ca
Cobb, Mary Guidance Councillor 902- 860-4170 mcobb@hrsb.ca
Compton, Christine Early Literacy Support 902-860-4170 ccompton@hrsb.ca
Courtney, Megan Learning Centre 902-860-4172 mcourtney@hrsb.ca
Doucet, Jacqueline Grade 3 Teacher 902-860-4170 doucetj@hrsb.ca
Dupuis, Chris Grade 6 902 860-4170 CDupuis@hrsb.ca
Elliott, Alicia Grade 4/5 Teacher 902-860-4170 alunn@hrsb.ns.ca Twitter
Gladman, Christina English Resource Teacher 902-860-4170 cgladman@hrsb.ca
Glasgow, Theresa Learning Centre Teacher 902-860-4170 tglasgow@hrsb.ca
Hanrahan, Sasha Grade Primary 902 860-4170 SHanrahan@hrsb.ca
James, Lise Grade 3/4 Teacher 902-860-4170 ljames@hrsb.ca
Kazmel-Cannon, Andrea Grade 5 and Acting VP 902-860-4170 akazmel-cannon@hrsb.ns.ca Twitter
Kent, Shelley Grade One Teacher 902-860-4170 shobbs@hrsb.ca
LeBlanc, James Band Teacher 902-860-4170 james.leblanc@hrsb.ca
MacDonald, Gretchen French Teacher 902-860-4170 Gretchen.MacDonald@hrsb.ca
McCloskey, Lisa Speech Pathologist lisa.mccloskey@hrsb.ca
Miller, Julie Grade 3/4 Teacher 902 860-4170 jmiller-archibald@hrsb.ca
Milliard, Collette Grade Primary Teacher 902-860-4170 CMilliard@hrsb.ca
Power, Tracy Grade 5 Teacher 902-860-4170 tpower@hrsb.ca
Robertson, Lynne Grade 6 Teacher 902-860-4170 lynne.robertson@hrsb.ca Website
Sangster, Patricia Grade 4 Teacher 902-860-4170 psangster@hrsb.ca
Sawlor, Terra School Psychologist tsawlor@hrsb.ca
Sinclair, Jennifer Grade 2/3 Teacher 902-860-4170 sinclairj@hrsb.ca Twitter
Stockdale, James Grade 5/6 902 860-4170 JStockdale@hrsb.ca
Wagg, Sandy Grade Two Teacher 902-860-4170 swagg@hrsb.ca Website
Wells, Glenn Physical Education Teacher 902-860-4170 hwells@hrsb.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allen, Shaun EPA 902-860-4170
Farquhar, Lisa EPA 902-860-4170 lisa.farquhar@hrsb.ns.ca
Fyfe, Shelley EPA 902-860-4170 shelley.fyfe@hrsb.ns.ca
Girard, Barb EPA 902-860-4170 barbara.girard@hrsb.ca
Hersey, Cindy EPA 902-860-4170 chersey@hrsb.ca
MacNeil, Woody Caretaker 902-860-4170 wmacneil@hrsb.ca
Muise, Amanda EPA 902-860-4170 amanda.muise@hrsb.ca
Patriquin, Cindy EPA 902-860-4170 cpatriquin@hrsb.ca
Smith, Jason Caretaker 902-860-4170
West, Charlene EPA 902-860-4170 cwest@hrsb.ca
Wright, Nicole Library Support Specialist 902-860-4170 nicole.wright@hrsb.ca