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What's Happening at HRES - June 20

What’s Happening at HRES - June 20, 2022

National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21:  This is a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Although these groups share many similarities, they each have their own distinct heritage, language, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

Virtual Summer Workshops for Students and Parents:  HRCE Speech and Language Pathologists are offering limited virtual workshops for current P-8 students and parent / guardian workshops during the summer months.  Workshops fill up quickly, seats are limited.
Virtual workshops are free from July 4 – August 26.  See attached for more information.  To register contact us at (902) 464-2000 extension 2019 or 2020 or email debbie.ryan@hrce.ca or lroberts@hrce.ca

There are a wide range of topics to support students with vocabulary development, building language skills, and boosting reading development. Parent workshops include how to help your child boost their reading skills, building language skills with books, preparing your child for primary and others!

Sports Day:  This is scheduled for Thursday, but may change pending weather.  Our grade 5 students will be leading stations as students rotate around to different activities in the morning.  There will be 3 separate groups (PP & Pr, grades 1&2, grades 3&4) going through at different times and they each will have approximately an hour.  Classes will be mixed up according to grade level.  Grade 5 students will have their own time in the afternoon.   It should be a fun time for all!

School Yearbooks: For families who ordered yearbooks, they went home on Friday.  There have been a few inquiries if they were still available.  If you’d like to order, you can use the link and pay for shipping to have it delivered to your house - https://store.shopyearbook.com/holland-road-22

Another possibility is to contact Jamie Angus – jlangus1@outlook.com and she can provide a free electronic copy to print at home.

SchoolsPlus Summer Offering: SchoolsPlus offers HRCE families, help finding the right services and programs, confidential support in difficult situations or collaboration to ensure student success. Parents can text, email or call 12 months a year.  The contact for HRES is Lydia Ritcey, 902-222-7005 and her email is Lydia.ritcey@hrce.ca